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White Pearls
White Pearls
Product Details


4 g - Yellow Gold 19.20 kt

0.20 ct - Diamond

1 gr - Pearl


15 cm Length



MJB Certification of Authenticity


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Handcrafted pieces with approximate weights and dimensions. MariaJoãoBahia guarantees the displayed price for items in stock. Prices for out-of-stock items may vary from the presented price.


Maria João Bahia provides extended warranties beyond legal requirements, ensuring customers can maintain their pieces indefinitely. All products have worldwide shipping insurance, covering 100% of the transit from our boutique to your doorstep. For products priced over €1499, we offer an additional, one-year insurance package upon purchase, with the option to renew after the initial period.
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Product Care

MariaJoãoBahia offers expert guidance on caring for your jewellery. For sterling silver, avoid household cleaning products, rinse after use, and store dry. 19.25kt gold items should stay clear of perfumes and chemicals. Use room-temperature water and a soft brush for cleaning. Store in a dry, separate place, preferably in the original box or a soft fabric bag, away from direct sunlight and other metals, ensuring lasting brilliance.
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White Pearls

1.800 €
Tax Included

Pure elegance. Each white pearl is a symbol of simplicity and sophistication, making this necklace the perfect addition to anyone.