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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on product insurance.

Your precious gems and intricate designs aren't just accessories, they represent cherished memories, milestones, and the artistry of master jewelers.

Owning pieces comes with its own set of responsibilities, and one of the most crucial steps is ensuring that your treasured possessions are adequately protected.
In this guide, we will walk you through the essential information you need to know about insuring your valuable jewelry, so you can enjoy your exquisite pieces with peace of mind.

Precious Metals

All pieces available on the website - Maria João Bahia are hallmarked by Instituto Nacional Casa da Moeda (INCM). This entity is responsible for authenticating precious metal artifacts, ensuring that the products have the legal hallmark.

The hallmark with which we work (with exceptions) is 19.2 kt Gold and 925‰ Silver, in accordance with legislation defining the purity of metals. After testing, quality is guaranteed through the application of a hallmark on the piece, Legal Marks of Portugal. For more information about the hallmark, you can consult the page of the Instituto Nacional Casa da Moeda.

In case of doubt, the buyer can always resort to the services of the Instituto Nacional Casa da Moeda. You can also check the daily quotation of precious metals at .

The prices of the items are indicated in euros (€), including VAT at the legal rate, and may or may not include shipping costs.
Maria João Bahia reserves the right to change prices and any shipping costs at any time. Due to the volatility in the prices of raw materials, prices may change without prior notice.
There is technically a possibility of errors in prices, spelling, or descriptions, so all orders are verified. In the event that the information published on the website is incorrect, we will contact you via email to correct the information and confirm if you wish to proceed with the order.

Product Availability
Orders placed in the online store are subject to stock availability. In case of stock unavailability, we will contact the customer to offer alternatives or inform about the delivery timeframe.
Please note that due to their artisanal nature, originality, and irregular shape, we cannot guarantee an exact match to the images and photographs.

What is covered

  • Accidental Damage: Any deterioration or destruction of the insured property resulting from an external, sudden, and unforeseen cause.
  • Theft of the object through violence or threat of violence directed at the possessor of the object (robbery), excluding simple theft.
  • Meaning of simple theft: The subtraction or appropriation of goods against the will of the insured, without force on things or violence or intimidation on people. (If the article disappears without the owner noticing, the insurance does not cover it).
  • Theft at home (Qualified Theft), provided that the existing locking mechanisms (e.g., front door) are broken into, committed in your main and/or occasional residence. In the latter case, only during periods when the owner is occupying the said place.
  • Theft of the object within hotel rooms, provided that the item is kept inside a safe and the key is located outside the room.
  • Fire, lightning, or explosion in the main or occasional residence. In the latter case, only during periods when the owner is occupying the said place.

    What is not covered

    • Damages that occurred within the facilities of Maria João Bahia.
    • Damages resulting from simple theft.
    • Damages resulting from the abandonment of the object, except in cases provided for in the preceding points under replacement conditions.
    • Fraud (Fraud; Intentional or conscious intent to commit an unlawful act or violate the law).
    • Gross negligence (Treating the property with carelessness; failure to take care to prevent damages).
    • False replacement requests made by the owner or buyer. (Having insured item A and attempting to use the insurance for item B).

      Special Insurance

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