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Maria João Bahia was born into a family of artists in Leiria and from an early age she was exposed to an artistic environment.

Maria João Bahia

Maria João Bahia dropped out of law school to pursue her passion for jewellery-making and establish her own brand with authentic designs.

Maria João, who also holds the Title of Countess of Bahia, has built a name in Portugal and abroad with her unique pieces of art.

Her jewellery carries profound symbolism, with emotions and feelings.

With a flagship store located on the most prestigious avenue in Portugal, Avenida da Liberdade 102, in a traditional Portuguese building, her establishment includes a shop, offices, workshop, and atelier.

This close proximity between various areas allows Maria João Bahia to adopt a holistic approach and respond promptly to her customers' needs.



38 years

Countless pieces


Artwork and Milestones

  • Against all economic uncertainties, MJB organizes a gala dinner for her clients after Covid restrictions were lifted - "Attitude" -
  • Maria João Bahia - Jury for the SAF Students Prize Portugal, an association that promotes the art of teenagers under the age of 18 and shows their works in a traveling exhibition all over Portugal.
  • "Metamorfose", a piece of her design, was shortlisted for the German Design Award and selected by AICEP (Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency) for a "Paris Design Week" campaign.

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Creates a "Fado" collection in honour of the Portuguese Fado.
  • "Sky" collection produced in partnership with Elena Rowland by Maria João Bahia.
  • "Gallery" collection in a gallery setting with different textures and shapes.

Gastronomy & Jewellery

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Creates a piece, in
    partnership with her followers, "Jewel of the year". First edition.

Artwork and Milestones

  • Launch of the online
    boutique, workshops and remote interviews with fans and clients.
  • Creation of a piece, in
    partnership with her followers, entitled "Jewel of the year". First
  • AORP ("Portuguese
    Jewellery and Watchmaking Association") campaign for Portuguese jewellers.
Kids & Art

Exhibitions and Collections

  • To highlight the presence of jewellery in women's
    daily lives, Maria João launches the "Like a Queen" Collection.

Artwork and Milestones

  • In partnership with AGEAS,
    Portugal, Maria João donates a jewel of her own design to be auctioned in a
    fundraising event for the cause of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Mukwege.
  • Partnership with Concept
    Store 1422 in Dubai. 

Artwork and Milestones

  • Innovating in partnership with a restaurant, Maria João Bahia creates a gastronomic experience called 'Sterling Silver Dinner,' where the plating is done on unique design pieces.
  • Launch of the "Will You?" campaign, where
    the bride and groom are the main focus.

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Participates in the Jewellery and Watches Exhibition
    in Doha, Qatar.

Artwork and Milestones

  • To commemorate the Centenary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fátima, the artist created a 13-piece collection, "Celebrate
    Fátima", in partnership with Rádio Renascença.

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Received an invitation to
    take part in the Jewellery and Watches Exhibition in Doha, Qatar and subsequently developed an exclusive collection for the "Desert Jewellery" exhibition.

Artwork and Milestones

  • At the invitation of the
    Mafra City Council, Maria João creates her first outdoor work, on the occasion
    of the 300th anniversary celebrations of the Royal Building of Mafra - Convento
    de Mafra.
  • In partnership with Rock
    in Rio Lisboa, designs a unique collection for artists: Ivete Sangalo, Adam
    Levine, Bruce Springsteen and Fergie.
  • Designs a jewel for
    actress Jane Fonda.
  • Develops a project with
    Yonest, an association of young people with reduced mobility, helping them to
    create pieces of art to sell and thus helping their further integration into
Petit Palais

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Launch of the "Harmonia"
  • 30-year career celebration
    at the Petit Palais in Lisbon with a jewellery show.

Artwork and Milestones

  • Designs a trophy for the
    best young player in the 1st and 2nd Portuguese Football League.
  • Creates pieces for
    Parques de Sintra-Monte da Lua.
  • Designs and presents
    a new collection reinterpreting the Portuguese Filigree. A bold and innovative
    collection, combining history and tradition with a sense of the future and
  • In Madrid, Maria João
    develops a new concept for Michelin restaurants and chefs. Gastronomy and Jewellery - "Gastrojoalharia" (gastrojewellery) - combining two complementary

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Exhibition of the new
    "Linguagem de Luz" collection.
  • Exhibition "Entre a
    Terra e o Céu" at the Portuguese Consulate in Rio de Janeiro as part of
    the "Year of Portugal in Brazil" program.

Artwork and Milestones

  • Designed Rosaries for the
    National Football Team at the World Cup, blessed by Cardinal Manuel Clemente,
    commissioned by the Portuguese Professional Players' Union.
  • At the invitation of
    Boulle Diamond, designs jewellery pieces for the prestigious Top Marques
    exhibition in Monaco.
Vinhos Portugal

Artwork and Milestones

  • At the invitation of the
    Tejo Regional Wine Commission, creates the Trophy for the awards Tejo Wines.
  • Creates the "Image of
    Wine" Award for the wine magazine Revista de Vinhos. Both awards aim to
    reward excellence in Portuguese winemaking.
Hidden Gems

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Organization and
    presentation of a collection in a fashion show "A Máscara e a Joia"
    (The Mask and the Jewel), of her own design, at Palácio Foz in Lisbon.
Pope Benedict XVI

Artwork and Milestones

  • At the invitation of the
    Lisbon Patriarchate, designs and created the "Reliquary" with a relic of St. Vincent, which was offered to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Portugal.
  • At the invitation of AICEP
    Portugal Global, took part in the Centenary Celebration of Women in the Arts held in the Shanghai Art Museum.
  • Commissioned by Timor
    Telecom, created a piece in honour of José Ramos-Horta, President of East
2008 / 2009

Artwork and Milestones 2009

  • Creates the "Prémio Mercúrio" Trophy for
    the Lisbon School of Commerce, to reward the best commerce and service in Lisbon, sponsored by His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic.

Artwork and Milestones 2008

  • As part of the commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the Botanical Garden, Maria João exhibits some of her Jewellery and Drawings in Gold and Silver, under the inspiration "And
    from the seed Jewellery was made”.
Maria João Bahia

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Private exhibition at the
    Portuguese Embassy in Paris, France.

Artwork and Milestones

  • Creates jewellery for Triumph, Portugal.
  • Participates in an exhibition at the invitation of AICEP at Harrods in London, UK.
Cuttlery Set

Artwork and Milestones

  • Conceived a specific
    collection for Banco Millennium BCP (tableware, cutlery and jewellery) exclusively for the bank's clients. The collection was inspired by the following phrase: "Through seas never before sailed", from the Epic
    poem “The Lusiads”, by Luís de Camões.
  • Designs the "Person of the Year" trophy for Universidade Católica Portuguesa.
Flagship Store

Artwork and Milestones

  • Repositions her business and opens her Flagship Store in the heart of Lisbon, at 102 Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon, Portugal.
2001 / 2003

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Exhibition at Casa Ribeirinho in Porto, Portugal.

Artwork and Milestones

  •  Designs a unique piece of jewellery for Sheba - Food Premium.
  • At the invitation of the city
    of Lisbon, in recognition of her work and creativity, Maria João published a Jewellery Book celebrating the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.
1999 / 2000

Artwork and Milestones 2000

  • Creates the UNICER Trophy.
  • At the invitation of the
    Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, joins the International Medal Exhibition on the
    occasion of the XXVII FIDEM Congress in Weimar, Germany.

Artwork and Milestones 1999

  • Creates the various
    trophies for the "Bravo Bravissimo", "Miss World Portugal" and "Mister World" competitions.
  • At the invitation of ICEP,
    takes part in an exhibition in Paris.

Artwork and Milestones

  • Creates the Medal for the
    Portuguese Society of Digestive Endoscopy.
  • Creates a line of
    accessories in Crystal and Silver.
  • Designs a collection of
    cutlery for Banco Mello.
  • Creates a line of
    Prestigious Silver Pieces with Atlantis - "The 5 Oceans".
  • Opens a Boutique of
    objects of her own design at the Dom Pedro Hotel in Lisbon.

Artwork and Milestones

  • Maria João designs a
    collection of jewellery and silverware for the Order of Malta on the occasion of Expo 98, a World Fair held in Lisbon. Creates objects for various companies: Galileu, Companhia de Seguros Ocidental.
  • Creates the various
    trophies for the tv game shows "Roda dos Milhões" and "Geração Fantástica".
1995 / 1996
Globos de Ouro

Exhibitions and Collections 1995

  • Solo exhibition at Galeria Vértice, Lisbon.

Artwork and Milestones 1996

  • Creates the Golden Globe
    trophy for the television channel SIC/CARAS.
  • Designs a collection of
    glasses and tableware for Atlantis.
  • Launches a line of
    accessories, belts and wallets in leather and silver which are marketed by
    Portugália Airlines.
  • Creates an exclusive
    silver tableware for Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor.
1993 / 1994

Artwork and Milestones 1994

  • Designs several pieces for
    Portuguese companies, including the logo for the World Confederation of
    Entrepreneurs from Portuguese Communities, the Sony Trophy and the Império Trophy.
  • Collaborates with the
    magazine "Jóias e Relógios".

Artwork and Milestones 1993

  • Together with Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, creates a
    line of accessories inspired by pieces from the museum.

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Invited by the Portuguese
    Foreign Trade Institute, takes part in a traveling exhibition held at the Palais des Congrés - Paris, the Old Stock Exchange - Amsterdam, the Royal
    College of Art - London, England and the Old Stock Exchange - Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Exhibits at the 2nd
    International Jewellery Fair in Lisbon - EXPORJOIA - and designs its advertising posters. The work was subsequently exhibited at the Electrum Gallery, London.
  • Solo exhibition at Galeria
    Árvore, in Porto.
  • Invited by the Portuguese
    Foreign Trade Institute, she joined a Traveling Exhibition held in Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Bahia), the USA and Japan.

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Invited by the Portuguese
    Foreign Trade Institute to join the "Image of Portugal" exhibition at EUROPALIA'91, at the Concert Noble, Brussels, Belgium.
  • At the invitation of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, takes part in the exhibition promoted by Association Promotion de la Medaille and the Belgian delegation of FIDEM, Exhibition of Portuguese
    Medal Art in the 20th century, on the occasion of Europalia'91, at General Bank Namur, in Brussels and Stedelisk Museum Dandermond.

Artwork and Milestones

  • Participates in the Women Entrepreneurs Fair - Lisbon.
Nativity Scene

Artwork and Milestones

  • Participates in the
    "Tradition and Quality" exhibition in Madrid, at the invitation of the Portuguese Foreign Trade Institute.
  • Collaborates in an
    exhibition at Casa de São Domingos-Lapa, Lisbon.
1988 / 1989

Exhibitions and Collections 1989

  • Solo exhibition at Galeria
    de Santa Justa in Lisbon.

Artwork and Milestones 1989

  • Participates in the Jewellery
    and Antiques Fair at the Estoril Casino.
  • At the invitation of the
    Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, participates in the International Medal
    Exhibition, held at the XXII
    FIDEM Congress in Helsinki, Finland.

Artwork and Milestones 1989

  • Establishes contacts in
    America with American and Italian firms, attending several trade fairs and
    visiting jewellers and jewellery studios in several other countries.

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Invited by "William
    Lowe Cº" to exhibit at the International Jewellery Fair in New York, USA.
  • Exhibits with the jeweller
    J.P. Nemser, Ltd. in New York, USA.

Artwork and Milestones

  • Collaborates with several
    fashion shows in Lisbon and Porto.
  • Collaborates and designs
    jewellery for Ourivesaria Portugal in Lisbon.
  • A piece of her design is
    auctioned at the Manhattan Cachet, in New York, USA.
  • At the invitation of the
    Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, participates in the International Medal
    Exhibition held at the XXI FIDEM Congress in Colorado Springs, USA.
  • Participates in the Jewellery
    and Antiques Fair at the Estoril Casino.
  • Participates in the
    International Women Entrepreneurs Fair in Lisbon and in the Lisbon Investment

Artwork and Milestones

  • Travels to Holland and is
    invited to develop a line of jewellery for the diamond cutting firm "Holshuijsen-Stoeltie Diamonde".
  • Creates the "Miss
    Wonderland" crown.
Bench Jeweller

Artwork and Milestones

  • Sets up her own workshop in
    Lisbon and starts working as a professional in the field.

Artwork and Milestones 1982

  • Drops out of law school and sets off to acquire the
    tools to pursue her vocation. Starts a professional apprenticeship at Manuel
    Alcino's workshop and at the Raul Ferreira and Mário Silva, Lda. jewellers’

Artwork and Milestones 1981

  • Starts the Law Course at the University of Lisbon and the Jewellery Course at the same time.

We are captivated by your own unique artistic visions. We can bring our imagination to life and embellish yourself yourself with exquisite jewellery crafted exclusively from your own drawings.

living art

We are captivated by your own unique artistic visions. We can bring our imagination to life and embellish yourself yourself with exquisite jewellery crafted exclusively from your own drawings.


At Maria João Bahia, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality in every piece of jewellery we offer.

Our commitment to craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail ensures that each item you acquire is a genuine work of art.

I Authenticity and Materials

We have established longstanding partnerships with reputable suppliers known for fair and transparent practices. Our stone supplier maintains direct connections to Antwerp, a hub for diamonds and precious stones. Our gold and silver are certified by Portuguese law, with a standard of 19.2kt Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. Pearls are sourced from a certified German supplier.

II Skilled Artisans

Our artisans are an integral part of our extended family, and are the soul of our brand. Many have been with us since the beginning and their knowledge is passed down through generations. We prioritize their training and technical development, providing them with the time and resources to innovate.

III Design Excellence

Maria João Bahia, the founder and owner, is also our Design Director. Along her many years in the trade, she developed a deep understanding of customer needs and a unique ability to turn people's personal experiences into personal histories into exquisite jewellery. Working closely with our bench jewellers, they build a harmonious partnership.

IV Quality Control

Every piece undergoes rigorous testing before reaching our clients. We meticulously examine each item for any minor imperfections, conduct pressure tests to ensure secure settings, and, if necessary, make adjustments to achieve perfection.

V Customer Satisfaction

Above all, customer satisfaction is our guiding principle. Witnessing how our pieces carry profound emotions and make a significant impact in our customers' lives brings us immense joy. We recognize the immense value our work holds and its potential to positively influence the lives of our customers.

we have 5
standards of


By sharing these inputs, we aim to provide you with a deeper understanding of our commitment to quality assurance. We believe that every piece of jewellery you acquire from Maria João Bahia should be cherished not only for its exquisite beauty but also for the impeccable craftsmanship behind it.

Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to serve you and provide you with the utmost satisfaction in every aspect of your journey with Maria João Bahia.


Maria João Bahia is dedicated to promote sustainability and conscientious practices at every stage of crafting each piece. With a mission to create exquisite jewellery that mirrors our artistic vision while contributing to a more sustainable future, our brand embraces a range of responsible practices.

By adhering to these sustainable practices, we at Maria João Bahia are committed to not only creating timeless pieces of jewellery but also leaving a positive and enduring impact on our planet and community. Together, we move towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.

Ethical sourcing

We give priority to the responsible sourcing of materials, ensuring that metals and gemstones are acquired in an ethical and conscientious manner. Our suppliers, with whom we cultivate long-term partnerships, uphold the same standards of ethics and integrity as we do.

Recycled Materials

We adhere to a zero-waste policy, valuing every piece of paper, gold, and silver. We limit the use of printed materials to essentials, with client invoices being primarily digital. Every gram of gold and silver is recycled, leaving no room for waste.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Our artisans are like family; many have been with us since the beginning. We encourage them to innovate and learn new techniques, cherishing their invaluable knowledge which is shared exclusively within our close family.

Packaging and Logistics 

We are presently undergoing a transformation by minimizing the use of plastic in our packaging. For certain pieces, we employ recycled hard paper, and for our jewellery, we offer wooden boxes wrapped in luxurious velvet.

Social Responsability

Maria João Bahia actively collaborates with local associations, sharing her art with children facing challenges and disabilities. We believe that art has the power to unite people and provide hope to children in need.