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The core idea of the project revolves around the themes of evolution, re-birth, and growth.

The project involves the skilful integration of different textures and materials, combining contrasting elements like smooth and textures or wood and silver, adding complexity and silver. Adding complexity to the final design.

The project emphasizes the process of creation as a journey. As the piece is crafted, the concept of evolution, re-birth, and growth gradually comes to life. This implies that the design is not merely a static object, but rather a dynamic representation of change and transformation.

The end result of the project is intended to be both a piece of art and a functional object. This dual purpose implies that the design not only has aesthetic value but also serves a practical function in some way. This duality is significant as it bridges the gap between pure artistic expression and utilitarian design.


Oak and sterling silver: a beautiful contrast of texture and colour

The project highlights how change is inherent to all aspects of life

The change in texture, form, and even function, is something that appeals to us all us all, as most of us seek change and growth. We too are part of the metamorphosis of the world, as it is part of us.