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Handmade Filigree

This meticulous handcrafted technique results in unique and detailed pieces. Filigree goes beyond mere jewellery; it is an artistic manifestation that reflects the cultural identity of a people.

Maria João Bahia has stood out for creating different and innovative pieces while staying true to the historical essence and original technique of filigree.

Through this technique, Portuguese artisans create pieces of singular beauty, filled with symbolism and tradition. However, in recent times, there has been a lack of creativity in the field of filigree. Many artists and artisans have limited themselves to reproducing the same traditional patterns, such as the famous Viana heart and beads.

While these symbols are important and have their place in filigree history, it is crucial to make room for innovation and reinvention. Filigree is an ancient art passed down through generations, often within families of artisans and master goldsmiths. It is like a secret recipe, protected and shared only among those initiated into this ancestral tradition. While this knowledge transmission keeps the essence of filigree alive, it can also limit its evolution.


with a fresh and audacious approach #FiligreeArtistry #ModernElegance

Maria João Bahia’s pieces are true works of art that captivate the eyes and the heart.

She combines the mastery of goldsmiths with her unique vision, resulting in jewellery that conveys history, identity, and a touch of boldness By paving the way for a new era in Portuguese filigree, Maria João inspires other artists to explore and reinterpret this traditional art form. Her creations are a testimony to the transformative power of filigree, bridging the past and the present, tradition and innovation.