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Oh, Majesty, divine & grand,
You rule with grace throughout the land.
From mountaintops to regal thrones,
Your presence shines and awe bestows.

In nature's realm, you take your form,
Where mountains rise and storms transform.
The rolling waves, majestic seas,
Reveal your power and bring us to our knees.

The mighty oak, so proud and tall,
Stands as a symbol of your install.
The eagle soars with noble might,
In every beat, your majesty takes flight.

But Majesty, you're not confined,
To nature's realm or scenes defined.
In human hearts, you find your place,
A regal spirit, a noble grace.

The leaders who inspire and guide,
With wisdom & compassion ride.
Their words command, their actions true,
They show us all what we can do.

Yet majesty is not just for the few,
It lives in us, in me and you.
In acts of kindness, love's embrace,
We find your majesty, your sacred space.

For every soul that dares to dream,
And strives for more, no matter the theme,
Embodies majesty in its purest form,
And lights a path through any storm.

So let us cherish, honor, and adore,
The majesty that forever soars.
In nature, humans, and deep within,
May majesty reign and forever win.